Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heaven's choicest blessings?

Since July, we have been painstakingly putting together programmes, people and partnerships. I watch the rain come down relentlessly and wonder, as we reschedule two days of events and the third looks uncertain, will our work be in vain? 

Chennai has about three weeks of good weather in December-January, but this is possibly its most uncertain season. Our campaign is hitched to the global campaign and our schedule reflects their dates. Which incidentally are not necessarily good for them either--winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, finals... But is there a better season for this? 

Right now, my heart is sinking with the rain. Those parts of my heart, that is, that are not broken by the attacks on South Bombay, where I grew up. Neither the weather nor the crisis in Bombay can be helped. We just have to wait them out and see what we can salvage--of our plans and our hometowns.

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