Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 14: Collage Collection

"Piecing together women's rights: Collaborative Collage Creation" had to be postponed twice due to bad weather. When it finally happened on Day 14, our jury could not make it and even among the participant colleges, two had to drop out for scheduling reasons and one was a no-show. The three collages that were composed were interesting, however. Here they are.

The collage theme was "Women in India today-How Equal, how free?"

Team 1 from MOP Vaishnav College: Vidhi Mirpuri, Abinaya V, Deepti Parwani, Divya Murali and Namratha N.N.

Team 2 from MOP Vaishnav College: Divya S. Sarathy, Nisha Subramaniam, V. Shruti, Vinitha Sukumar and Sushma U.N.

Queen Mary's College: K. Anitha, P. Elvarasi and L. Sowmiya. This collage was innovative in its use of everyday materials like paruppu, egg shells and waste thermocol. The collage instructions we gave out valorized the use of waste materials and this was the most innovative on that count. Unfortunately, it may also be the most perishable of these creations. 

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