Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A question of scale

It often boils down to a question of scale. As we plan this year's campaign, we can't help but ask ourselves this question. Whom is the campaign addressing, whom are we designing programmes for? In other words, in campaign parlance, who is our "target audience"?

The easy answer is, everyone. But of course. Considering that we are talking about gender-based violence, this is a campaign relevant to every single person. In theory, that works just fine. But in practice, its somewhat more complicated than that, as I am rapidly finding out. Through our media partners, print and radio, we hope that we'll get our point across to that many people. Through word-of-mouth, to many more. But none of this guarantees participation, real involvement. I'm still waiting for that one brilliant idea, the idea that I'll hopefully wake up with tomorrow morning, the idea with a peg so powerful that it will enthuse G, X and R to participate in the campaign.

We have been saying all along that we'd like a balance between programmes that are open to the general public and those that are intended for specific groups of people. Unsurprisingly, the latter are far easier to design. We're doing well with those, thanks to the many enthusiastic partner organisations we have already identified! Surely, its a good sign that I'm thinking about logistics like projectors and mikes; hopefully that means we've sorted out the more important questions of content and format!

Maybe its time to re-visit my personal drawing board - the overwhelmingly large body of literature in cyberspace.

At least while I wait for this idea to arrive. As of now, ETA is 6am, 24th September 2009.

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