Thursday, November 26, 2009

Volunteering for the campaign

I would like to record my experiences volunteering for this campaign. The sheer energy, enthusiasm and motivation generated during the course of all our meetings, whether for planning content, target audience, media relations, or for smaller (though all are equally important) activities such as collecting and dropping off ribbons, making calls and sending mails to get information, has been exhilarating! The sense of collective sisterhood and bonding energizes me further! I am truly happy to be involved in work that has been well-planned and well-organized, particularly in terms of delegation of responsibilities in a clear-cut, no-nonsense fashion. This is one distinct difference that has enabled to be and feel productive, in all my years volunteering for ngos. As the campaign wears on, and I see the effect of such meticulous planning, where no room (if it can be helped) has been left for error, I must mention that I have truly enjoyed working under Anupama as campaign coordinator and Swarna, leading by example. I look forward to the rest of the campaign, both as a gratifying experience of wishes becoming reality (I am referring to my wishes to contribute positively, how I wish it was a reference to gender-related issues) and as a true eye-opener of what is possible by only a small group of committed volunteers.

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  1. We're very happy to have found you, Vasughi! Finders keepers, remember!