Thursday, December 3, 2009

Burst Media Bubbles:To Spice up the news

There is no doubt that we live in an era of infotainment. Newspapers with somber news content cannot survive in the market. They have to offer attractive and entertaining content to hook readers.

Let’s see how captivating Times of India’s webpage is. In the home page- along with the top stories you can find these videos on ‘Kajol’s unnatural fairness’ and ‘New woman in Wood’s life ‘and sexy images of ‘Top Playboy girls’.

The Times offers you an exclusive section called ‘Celeb themes'.You can check this out here

A wacky image of Dasha Astafieva, the Ukrenian model of international frame, doing striptease welcomes you. Then follow a similar image of British television presenter Kelly Brooke revealing a Versace gown. The next one in the slide show is a weird image of the famous model Jodie Marsh posing with her bare breasts.

‘The Editor’s pic’ offers you more options like Bollywood’s hottest and spiciest, Bollywood’s sex workers, celebs in lingerie ads, foreign models in India etc. A look at this page will make you think that Times consider only women to include in their ‘Celebs’ category. Or why is it that there isn’t any picture of a male included in this section.

The Times seems to be very sure of the ‘fact’ that international issues, politics, business and the like are not of much interest to women .So they offer a special section for women with top stories like ‘Bollywood star’s Hollywood twins’, ‘Rules for a second date’ and the ever popular ‘weight loss tips’ (The Times of India, Wednesday, 02 December, 2009 11:40:10pm ) Check out this special page for women:-

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  1. hi, that's so true. even midday is terrible with it's midday mates. women in bikinis appear, ironically, just below a story of how a woman was raped or abused.