Monday, December 28, 2009

Celebrating Defenders of Women's Rights: Citations: FORWORD

Forum for Women’s Rights and Development (FORWORD) was started by Shiamala Baby in 1992, to help women reclaim their sense of identity and dignity. The founder of FORWORD, Shiamala Baby, herself survived domestic violence and has dedicated her life to help other women fight for their rights.

FORWORD works for a holistic, ‘abundant’ life for women. They provide informal education for women, life skills education programmes which are open to men and women and also conduct general awareness programs on the equality of women. FORWORD also provides counseling, undertakes advocacy and conducts regular seminars and workshops on domestic violence.

FORWORD provides informal education through coaching classes for children of disadvantaged women. Through these sessions, they impart a sense of ecological responsibility and social justice.

On the occasion of International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, 2009, The Prajnya Trust takes great pride in recognising FORWORD’s work for social justice and women’s human rights.

November 27, 2009

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