Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GRITPrajnya Channel: A New Resource

Prajnya is primarily a research organization, with a commitment to public education (making information accessible to people) and networking (bringing together and working with others).

On the sixth day of the 2010 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence, we are particularly delighted to bring you something that allows to fulfill all our mandates: A new single point compilation of audio-visual resources on gender violence that are available in the public domain, the new GRITPrajnya YouTube Channel.

We hope this will cut short search time before each new project, each new training programme. And we invite you to point us to resources we might include.

Email your suggestions to: media.prajnya@gmail.com

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  1. This blog chronicles the Campaign from preparations to the actual 20 Days. I like this tv channel very very good . MA .....................