Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 5 - Not Silence, But Verse

Prajnya's poetry reading will start in an hour! The reading will feature some of Chennai's most powerful poetic voices discourse on violence, equality and emancipation. The poets featured are Sharanya Manivannan, L. Ramakrishnan and K.Srilata.

The reading will also feature submissions from Prajnya's call for poetry, No Violence, No Silence. The open call for poetry encouraged both aspiring and established poets to send in haikus or tankas in English, Hindi and/or Tamil around the theme of gender violence. These poems can be read at: Origami chapbooks, featuring some of these submissions, will be also be available at the poetry reading.

The poetry reading has been organized in partnership with Chamiers on Chamiers Road and Origami Poems Project. 

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