Thursday, November 29, 2012

Karthik Kumar says NO to Violence against Women

As Prajnya's 'Men Say NO to Violence' video series continues, Karthik Kumar speaks about the basic and fundamental idea of 'respect', saying that the only way for men to respect the values of our society, and to respect themselves, is to be respectful towards women. In this regard, he says that violence towards women shows 'utter disrespect for everything that is valued and treated as precious'.

Karthik Kumar, also known as 'Evam Karthik', is a popular theatre, TV and film actor. Co-founder of the well-known Chennai-based theatre group and arts management company, 'Evam', he has acted in several Bollywood and Kollywood films, and currently stars in the Tamil TV serial 'Dharmayutham'.

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