Sunday, December 2, 2012

Anil Srinivasan says NO to Violence against Women

Anil Srinivasan, in this video for Prajnya's 'Men Say NO to Violence' series, laments the different kinds of abuse that women face on a daily basis, including in public spaces, saying, 'it is incredible that... we can't come to terms with what it means to be civilised'. He expresses his indignation at the frequency of rape in our society, and is particularly disturbed by politicians 'legitimising rape'.

Anil Srinivasan is an acclaimed classical pianist, who combines his training in Western music with his Carnatic aesthetic. He is particularly well-known for his collaborative efforts with other celebrated musicians, including Sikkil Gurucharan, with whom he has released several music albums. He has taken his unique style of music to venues across the world.

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