Wednesday, November 27, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 3, Domestic Violence

27 Nov Music to open the day: This award-winning music video on domestic violence: Mann ke manjeere.

Indian law on domestic violence covers physical, sexual, emotional, verbal & econ abuse, all in a household. #nosgbv

NFHS3 (05-06): 2/5 women (15-49) had experienced spousal abuse. Who justified violence, experienced it more. #nosgbv

Steady rise in torture cases (cruelty by husband or his relatives). Highest reported incidence in Tripura. #nosgbv

This is a summary of what IPC Section 498A on cruelty by a husband and his family provides: #nosgbv

Together, cruelty by husband & relatives, dowry demands & death are almost 50% of reported crimes agst women. #nosgbv

Customary beliefs & practices around women in the family @ core of 19C social reform mvmts. Useful resource: #nosgbv

From the abolition of Sati on, we look first to new, better, more stringent laws to end VAW. (Scroll down) #nosgbv

Child Marriage Restraint Act & Dowry Prohibition Act illustrate our faith in law. #nosgbv

After 5 yrs, dowry deaths fell in 2012: 8,172 (2008) 8,383 (2009) 8,391 (2010) 8,618 (2011) 8,233 (2012). #nosgbv

MN Srinivas wrote these reflections on dowry in 1984: #nosgbv

Dowry and burnt brides get @anniezaidi thinking in this piece: #nosgbv

Chronicling the work of two women who spearheaded the late 1970s anti-dowry movement: #nosgbv

Jagori has a terrific resource: Marching Together: Resisting Dowry in India, 2009.

“Towards equality,” a Seminar issue on feminism & women’s movements, 2001: we should read more. #nosgbv

Every city has state-run & NGO-run shelters, counseling services. In #Chennai: Know of more? Tweet! #nosgbv

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