Saturday, November 30, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 6, Creative efforts to raise awareness

 30 NovToday's info-tweets link to creative efforts, online and offline, to create awareness about gender violence.

Suggestions from @SayNO_UNiTE on what you too can do during the 16 Days of Activism, Orange Days, anytime: #nosgbv

@PixelProject identifies 16 creative projects to end VAW. #nosgbv

@whiteribbon engages men through interesting VAW campaigns. Walk A Mile:  We adapted: #nosgbv

@WhiteRibbonAust does ‘White Ribbon Workplace’ accreditation which involves a 16-month long process: #nosgbv

@takebackthetech, mother lode of creative action ideas for online safety! has an Ideas Kitchen! #nosgbv

And this Twitter campaign from Saudi Arabia: #nosgbv

Hackathons are in, and even @WorldBankSouthAsia organized one in June 2013:  #nosgbv

Flags and ribbons are old-fashioned ways to reach large numbers of people with your message: #nosgbv

The posters that go along with the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign are great.

Check this out: "This is not an invitation to rape me": And: This is ABUSE: #nosgbv

@BLANK_NOISE works creatively on street sexual harassment: Revisionist food chart, #nosgbv

An sms campaign used in Nepal: . This website has several Twitter campaign ideas, too. #nosgbv

@gotstared uses posters , & selfie-w-statement: (So do we: #nosgbv

Here’s a public service ad to end VAW & publicise a helpline: But ads do misfire: #nosgbv

Video campaigns: “It's your fault,” @saathitweets “Our Goal Stop VAW” . #nosgbv

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