Saturday, December 7, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 13, Sexual Harassment in Public Places

Prajnya Initiatives ‏@prajnya7 DecSexual harassment in public spaces: #nosgbv

What about safety in public spaces? And not just in India: #nosgbv

Photography as a safety audit tool: #nosgbv

Women’s safety audits: Best practices: Jagori Handbook: #nosgbv
Our 2010 Safety Audit in a @Chennai neigbhourhood: #nosgbv

Building safe and inclusive cities for women: #nosgbv

Women transforming public spaces: (video) #nosgbv

Women’s mobility in public spaces: #nosgbv

VAW on public transit systems: Stop the bus! And this video: #nosgbv

Safe public transit for women and girls: #nosgbv

Travelling solo: How women can travel alone and safely: And #nosgbv

The role of public services in combating violence in public spaces: #nosgbv

On the right of women to use public space as they wish: Making a feminist claim to the city: #nosgbv

Violence limits women’s ability to be politically active.

Electoral violence and women. #nosgbv

Gender, armed conflict and political violence, a 1999 paper by Cynthia Cockburn. #nosgbv

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