Sunday, December 8, 2013

16 Days, 16 Tweets: Day 14, Tech Innovations to stop VAW

16 Tech Innovations to stop VAW: #nosgbv

Featuring Circle of 6, Fight Back, Harass Map. See Apps against Abuse. #nosgbv

This Brazilian app helps women locate support services for violence survivors. #nosgbv

MediCapt, a forensic medical app, helps doctors safely convey evidence of sexual violence across distances. #nosgbv

Self Help an app developed at @WorldBankSAsia Hackathon, 6/13. See other projects. #nosgbv

Another @WorldBank hackathon in seven cities in Latin America in March 2013.  #nosgbv

“Not your Baby” generates responses to sexual harassment: What could you say if…? From #nosgbv

OCTEVAW R.I.S.E. developed for students focuses on prevention and intervention. #nosgbv

Safety Siren sends an emergency email to a pre-set list of friends when you are in trouble. #nosgbv

FightBack, another alert system, uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email & FB: #nosgbv

@SafetipinDOTcom builds on the Safety Audits of Jagori, anyone can do a safety audit and help map safety. #nosgbv crowd-sources reporting & mapping of GBV in Pakistan. + a game/teaching app: #nosgbv

@iHollaback blogs & mobile app to share & map harassment. Proud to be @chennaiholla #nosgbv

Prize-winning apps in an Avon Foundation Challenge: #nosgbv

Technology as a tool to fight harassment. Features #nosgbv

Can mobile apps help? #nosgbv

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