Monday, December 9, 2013

16 Days, 16 Tweets: Day 15, focus on Digital Media and Gender Violence

Voices from digital spaces: Technology related violence against women from @APC_News #nosgbv

From @takebackthetech, “What's the connection between VAW and ICT?” #nosgbv

An annotated bibliography on tech-based VAW: #nosgbv

Anita Gurumurthy @ITforChange on Violence and ICTs and with Nivedita Menon #nosgbv

Violence against women and ICTs: Reports from 10 countries #nosgbv

Use of ICT, Masculinity and Enactment of Violence #nosgbv

Keeping women safe? Gender, online harassment and Indian law: by @Hirishitalkies #nosgbv

From @EroTICs_India: “Connect your Rights!”: See also: #nosgbv

Yesterday, posts listed mobile apps to end VAW, but this correlates their availability to increased violence: #nosgbv

This one says mobile phones have a mixed impact, visavis VAW: #nosgbv

And then again, this one says mobiles make women feel safer: #nosgbv

VAW and gender-based cyber harassment in Pakistan. #nosgbv

Gender-specific election violence: The role of ICT: #nosgbv

Technology as a threat and a tool to fight violence: #nosgbv

Digital storytelling as healing: #nosgbv

Technology and Ideology, an account of @VDay #nosgbv

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