Sunday, December 1, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 7, Bystander Intervention

1 Dec What is bystander intervention? Each one of us is a bystander in some situation. What can we do?

Bystander intervention is a way in which all of us can help prevent sexual violence. #nosgbv

Why do people sometimes not intervene? #nosgbv

Being in a crowd makes it easy to not act: #nosgbv

Is the bystander effect really strong in India? #nosgbv

Men Can Stop Rape has a six-step schema on bystander intervention: Their poster: #nosgbv

The four Ds of bystander intervention: And here, 4 As and IDEAS! #nosgbv suggests ways to intervene in a tricky situation, based on sports plays. (NB: Contains sports jargon!) #nosgbv

A book-length resource by the Australian Human Rights Commission on bystander intervention: #nosgbv

The Green Dot etcetera approaches violence prevention from the individual level. #nosgbv

Most North American campuses seem to have programmes on bystander intervention. Here's one from Vancouver: #nosgbv

Be more than a bystander: #nosgbv

Here’s a Pinterest board on bystander intervention: Isn’t this true? #nosgbv

Six situations that end happily (in the posters) because bystanders intervened!

Bystander interventions can happen online too: (see last page) #nosgbv

How @jacksonkatz does bystander intervention training: and 10 things men can do: #nosgbv

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