Monday, December 2, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 8, Militarisation and VAW

2 Dec UN Special Rep on Sexual Violence in Conflict writes: SV as a tool of war:

The UK’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict initiative. UK FM: #nosgbv

The definitive 2000 report by Elisabeth Rehn and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Women, War and Peace: #nosgbv

UNSCR 1325, etc. prioritise women’s participation, protection from violence, end to impunity for peace: #nosgbv

@TheSVRI resources on sexual violence in conflict. @ICRC’s FAQ: #nosgbv

Men and boys are victims of sexual violence in conflict too. #nosgbv

Naming & shaming those using sexual violence in conflict: 2013 list: , page 4 onwards. #nosgbv

International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia first called rape torture: Watch #nosgbv

USIP study on wartime sexual violence: “Neither ubiquitous nor inevitable.” #nosgbv

On “Comfort Women:” NGOs held Women's International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery. #nosgbv

Ch 16 of the Eminent Persons’ report on the Rwandan genocide describes the horrors of sexual violence: #nosgbv

Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia & Timor-Leste women @ Asia-Pac Reg'l Women’s Hearing on GBV in Conflict. #nosgbv

More women live in militarised situations than conflict. Feminists on militarization: #nosgbv

Cynthia Enloe on militarization, feminism and the international politics of banana boats. #nosgbv

Militarized masculinities: A conversation with Terrell Carver. #nosgbv

And finally, have you seen our 2012 theme series on militarization and gender? #nosgbv

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