Tuesday, December 3, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 9, The violence of gender normativity

‏@prajnyaMany of us are learning new ideas about gender, gender roles that go along with new language and thinking. http://bit.ly/1ipaZi6 #nosgbv

Judith Butler differentiates between sex & gender. http://bit.ly/1ipb6Ky . Academic writing by her: http://bit.ly/1ipb85b #nosgbv

@TransgenderNI explains gender & gender norms: http://bit.ly/1ipbl8y Definitions of common terms: http://bit.ly/1ipbngA #nosgbv

Here’s a guide from the American Psychological Association: http://bit.ly/1ipbwk2 And this: http://bit.ly/1ipbuZx #nosgbv

@Feministatlarge writes, “Gender isn’t Binary, and We shouldn’t act like it is.” http://bit.ly/1ipbzfM#nosgbv

Heteronormativity, what it means. http://bit.ly/1ipbDw0 The simplest definition we could find! Also: http://bit.ly/1ipbCbx #nosgbv

Simple explanation of sexism, which voices gender norms. http://slidesha.re/1ipbMQ3Heteronormativity is sexist. http://bit.ly/1ipbOro #nosgbv

Gender normativity in the workplace. http://bit.ly/1ipbWXF “Who needs gender norms?” http://huff.to/1ipbYPl #nosgbv

Gender norms affect everyone, even men. http://bit.ly/1ipcaxW And http://bit.ly/18vZOhC #nosgbv

Cultural and social norms, usually gender norms, can support violence. http://bit.ly/1ipcddp #nosgbv

The violence of gender norms. http://bit.ly/1ipclJS #nosgbv

Homophobia and transphobia are violence. http://bit.ly/1ipcr41 http://bit.ly/1ipcs82 #nosgbv

Imagine there’s no gender. http://bit.ly/1ipctZJ #nosgbv

UN Report on violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity. http://bit.ly/t0v7PW Also http://bit.ly/kxytx9 #nosgbv

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