Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GEMspeak: Making a Difference

by Devasena E.S

I've had the privilege of being raised in a family that didn't believe I was not equal. I was told - my paternal grandmother drove a car wearing her ‘madisaar’. My uncles from my mom’s side never thought it was not their job to help the women in the kitchen. I've had friends and colleagues and now a partner who doesn't look at me or other women differently. 

As a natural outcome, I've always believed in individual rights (man or woman) – the right to marry, the right to stay single if you wish to, the right to have or not have children, a right to have a career or choosing to give it up if you prioritise something else, rights that didn't infringe anyone else's space. Rights and responsibilities are equal for a man and woman. If a man shouldn't drink and drive nor should a woman, the law shouldn't be expected to accord any such superficial concessions in the name of women’s rights.

However, with no change in any of these beliefs, I have come to truly undestand the need to support organizations that take up the cause of gender violence (unfortunately more women than men face gender violence). I am happy to be a part of Prajnya's annual 16 day campaign against gender violence. No, my participation will not wipe out the menacing problem, but this is definitely my support for the cause. In my day to day, non 'FB' or 'twitter' covered life, I will try and make a difference. 

Through these 16 days, I will share audio clips of my Q&A sessions with Swetha and Anupama of Prajnya. Hope it adds some value - particularly the ones with helpline numbers and rights and laws.

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