Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello, Everyone!

I have been with Prajnya for a month now and it has been an enormous learning experience already. The commitment and passion the Prajnya team brings to everything they do, from designing evites to running conferences and everything in between, has been an eye-opener. To have found such a supportive community to work with and have the opportunity to co-ordinate this year's 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence is a great privilege.

I have been told from the very beginning that this is my campaign. In a year where we are inviting people to take ownership over the campaign as well as the cause and illustrate what individual agency can achieve in transforming the discourse on gender violence, I am looking forward to exploring what this agency means to me and how it translates into action over the next month.

On behalf of the Prajnya Team, I invite all of you to follow this space for regular updates and engage with us as we head into what is promising to be a very exciting campaign.

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