Sunday, November 30, 2014

Meet Our GEMS: Padmini Subramaniam

An Inclusive Change
by Meera Srikant

Padmini Subramaniam did her BA (Hons) in Philosophy from Indraprastha College, Delhi. Teaching has been her passion, and even as a young girl, she ran a school for underprivileged children at home. Later she trained as a teacher and has taught at schools in Mumbai and Chennai. Padmini is a trained singer, having learnt both Carnatic music and Rabindra Sangeet. She reads avidly and has been a staunch supporter of the Prajnya 16 Days Campaign since its inception. She shares the significance of the campaign with us.

Why is this issue important to you?

How can it not be? I am a woman and one who is reasonably sensitive to my context - its advantages, challenges, etc. I am also the mother of two daughters whom I have tried to raise as independent, thinking human beings in their own right, which has meant constantly trying to expand my own horizons to accommodate new points of view.

What do you feel most strongly about?

Injustice of any kind bothers me. It always has, even as a child, whether it was partisan behaviour on the part of the teachers in school or relatives, or any attempt to demean a person by being judgmental.

Tell us about your activities for the Prajnya campaign?

My input for this campaign has been primarily to offer my home as a venue for a discussion on gender violence. I like the idea of a conversation between friends around certain areas close to my heart - a conversation that is inclusive and non-judgmental.

Three things you would suggest to keep these individual actions going?

I would encourage such initiatives by offering my home as venue for meetings, financial assistance (to the extent I can) and unlimited moral support.  

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