Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Meet Our GEMS: Ramya Kannan

Fighting Impunity
by Meera Srikant

Currently City Editor with The Hindu in Chennai, Ramya Kannan has been with The Hindu for nearly 17 years now. One reason she has stayed is because she believes the paper remains, till date, the strongest mainstream news organisation with a commitment towards covering development issues. And that's what she prefers to do: write on health and development issues. These are inextricably intertwined with real issues at the grassroots - caste, patriarchy, unemployment and poverty. Getting to the root of the problem is a challenge, every time. And after all these years, she is still naive enough to believe that change, great change, is often facilitated by good journalism.  She believes talking about the issue is important to bring about a change.

Why is this issue important to you?

It's essential to the question of the identity of being a woman itself, in my opinion. 

What is it you feel most strongly about?

The impunity with which this violence is being perpetrated; as if it were normal to argue that a woman deserves it; and the appalling acceptance of this view in a larger societal context.

Tell us about your activity and what you hope to do with it

Talking, tweeting, writing (blogs and mainstream news) about gender violence. It's important to have a voice, to always articulate these opinions to break the essential culture of silence that allows violence against women to be perpetrated. As they say, talking helps, in more ways than one.

Three things you would suggest to keep these individual actions going

Talking, writing, tweeting. It's almost part of a routine now.

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