Tuesday, November 29, 2016

International Women Human Rights Defenders' Day: Resource Creation at Prajnya

November 29 is International Women Human Rights Defenders' Day, and as part of the 2016 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign Against Gender Violence, we used the observance date for resource creation on the subject. Please do read and share!

Women and their right to lead
Column by Dr Swarna Rajagopalan @ The New Indian Express
Excerpt: "A woman who remains politically active in the face of threat to her body and her family must surely be a person of dubious character. There is no more effective barrier to a woman’s active and effective participation in public life than the contempt of family and community. With the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day falling on November 29, we should take a moment to recognise the contribution that women in politics have made to our lives."

Column by Dr Swarna Rajagopalan @ DNA
Excerpt: "All over the world, women put their lives on the line, risking everything to stand up for their political values and to fight for other people’s rights—but no one wants to learn about them or remember them. They are not our heroes, even though their work is heroic... (we) ignore the tremendous cost at which women undertake any public sphere work, whether it is mainstream politics, social work or that large, grey minefield that lies between the two, human rights advocacy. Charitable work by women who otherwise work at home is acceptable and almost an extension of the private sphere insofar as it evokes the same stereotypical feminine roles—mother, nurturer, provider of nourishment and caregiver. Working to alter social power relationships or to seek political power both defies the private-public dichotomy that allocates the former to women and the latter to men."

Violence against Women in Politics (#VAWIP) and Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD)
An Annotated Bibliography by Radhika Bhalerao
(Download PDF)
The intent in compiling this annotated bibliography was to identify and summarise academic as well as non-academic literature easily available in the public domain on the topics of gender-based violence in politics and elections, against Women Human Rights Defenders (HRD), including violence by extremist groups. The publication of this annotated bibliography as a public document is to assist other researchers, the donor community and others who have an interest in aforementioned arenas. This annotated bibliography contains resources from international organisations, news articles and peer-reviewed academic publications available in the public domain. The arrangement of the bibliography has also been made in this order and not alphabetically or chronologically.

#StopVAWIP: Profile of Wajeha Al-Huwaider
A profile by Emma Kingscott
(This post was sent in response to the 2016 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign Against Gender Violence’s call for profiles of women human rights defenders.)
Excerpt: "Al-Huwaider is one of the few Saudi women who courageously stand up for the rights of women which are so explicitly denied. The suppression of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia is well documented, yet the state is still given the freedom to implement laws which prohibit women from going anywhere without the permission of a male guardian, being allowed to drive, given the right to vote or participate in sports. As a journalist and a campaigner, Al-Huwaider makes her voice heard in a state in which the authorities look to silence women. She became an activist and campaigner for women’s rights in order to free women from what she describes as the virtual jail of Saudi Arabia."

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