Monday, November 28, 2016

The Dummies' Guide to Sexual Harassment

The mannequin at Chamiers.
Picture courtesy: Sreelekha Raghavan
If street sexual harassment was a visual, how would it look?

This is the question behind our art intervention, "The Dummies' Guide to Sexual Harassment." As part of the campaign this year, we've placed 4 mannequins in different parts of city, inviting people to mark the parts of their body where they've been touched without their consent.

This idea for a city-wide mannequin placement was born in a conversation with Aditi Surendra, who wanted to use mannequins to start a conversation about women's experience of street sexual harassment.

Special thanks to our partners, Sundari Silks and Tranz Mannequins for providing us with these mannequins! And a big thank you to our location partners - Chamiers, PCVC, Shree Ayurvedic Multispecialty Hospital and Women's Christian College - for helping us take this vision forward.

Thanks to the following publications for covering this initiative!

The News Minute: These Chennai mannequins show how often women are groped on streets

The Times of India: What are these mannequins doing in Chennai?

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