Friday, December 23, 2016

WCC Students Audit: How safe are our public spaces?

How safe are the streets of Chennai? Are there streetlights, are there people around who can hear you call for help if you're in trouble. are the pavements usable, accessible? Students of the English Department at Women's Christian College set out to answer all these questions and more, by auditing areas around Nungambakkam and Egmore as part of the campaign.

WCC tied up with us for Daan Utsav this year, and their volunteers worked hard to raise funds and spread awareness about Prajnya's work. So when we went to them with the proposal for a safety audit, we had no doubts about the capability of the students to undertake the project. Prajnya volunteer Anupama Srinivasan conducted a training session for the students, where she explained the objectives of the audit, and took them through the process.

The students were then divided into 5 teams, each of them covering one of the areas marked on the map.

Following the training on November 19, the students were supposed to audit the areas until December 7, when they were supposed to present their results to the Prajnya team. Further, they were supposed to make one consolidated presentation on December 10 at the Public Forum we had planned as part of the campaign. But since we had to reschedule our programmes and cancel the public forum, the results workshop finally happened on December 21, and as expected, the students came up with astute observations from a thorough audit.

The final report will be published by mid-January - check this space for a link!

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