Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When generations share...

Last Friday, we partnered with the Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Presidency to organise a conversation that engaged more than one generation. We had grandmothers, mothers and daughters--figuratively--in one conversation that flowed across several subjects.

At the heart of the conversation was an invitation to share. What was the first time you realised there was inequality in the world? When did you first encounter gender violence and how did you respond? What does it feel like to resist?

We had not posited a conflict between generations when we conceptualised this. Our premise simply was that we do not get to have conversations in our homes on this subject--because of shame, stigma and silence--and therefore, we lose opportunities to learn and share. This was vindicated by the easy sharing and understanding that flowed within the group. Moreover, there were some differences of opinion but no generational conflict.

Did we arrive at a consensus on anything? No, because that was not the point. What we did decide was that this was something we simply must repeat and regularly. And possibly with our wonderful partners at Inner Wheel Club!

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