Saturday, October 21, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Campaign!

It feels like one of those winter mornings, when you know it's day but the sky is so heavy with clouds and snow that it feels like night, and you end up staying in bed longer than you intended, longer than you ought.

And so it is that we are opening the Campaign Chronicle only on the 20th of October this year. Much later than usual, but amid the same old, same old combination of excitement and anxiety that we always feel as the Campaign Calendar bubbles and boils its way to something like 'done.'

This year's Campaign Associate is Malavika Ravi. She is putting together a calendar that looks a little bit like the campaigns of the first and second cycle, re-cast with the confidence of the third.

Prajnya has also celebrated our tenth birthday in September (that is why the late start on the campaign) and we bring into the 2017 campaign, the celebratory mood, the renewed connections and a new energy.

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That is where we now post news, research and commentary. This is where we document our work and post content that complements or belongs to the Campaign Calendar.

Do stay in touch and join us wherever you can! 

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