Friday, December 22, 2017

Panel on Domestic Violence: Day 13

On day 12, we organised a panel discussion on domestic violence, at the Madras School of Social Work. The panelists were: Swetha Shankar, who works with PCVC, and spoke about the state of victims of domestic violence; Advocate Lalitha who spoke on the legal mechanisms, remedies and the challenges one faces while trying to help victims legally; Radhika Bhalerao, who spoke on intimate partner violence; and DCP Rohith Nathan, who spoke about how the police deals with abuse victims and legal remedies.
Swetha, after a brief introduction to domestic violence, spoke about emotional violence, gas lighting, and sexual violence. She then moved into the kind of work PCVC does, and gave examples of the situations women are put into which urge them to contact PCVC for help. She then detailed the impact that violence has on women: which includes an impact on their sociocultural surroundings, mental and physical health.
Advocate Lalitha spoke about the process of filing a legal complaint and the different issues she faced while trying to get remedies for women; which includes cases being shifted to different dates, women not reporting the crimes, treatment of violence in society being very casual etc.
Radhika Bhalerao started off with the different types of partners, and then moved into types of IPV, which includes coercive controlling violence, violent resistance, situational coupe violence and separation instigated violence. She also shared her findings from studying the same in an urban and rural population.
DCP Rohith Nathan spoke about the intersectionality of domestic violence, the psychological causes that lead to this, the role of alcohol and drugs, and the grey areas one encounters in the law during execution.

The session ended with a question-answer session with the students of MSSW.

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