Monday, November 26, 2018

Day 1, 2018: The Counterpoint

"The Counterpoint" is the name we gave at the last minute to what we just called "pop-up stall" through weeks of planning. The wonderful thing about being part of nine campaigns is that you see your wish-list come to fruition over time. This year, it was the pop-up stall, or rather, The Counterpoint--the point where you could come for fun activities about serious issues.

We are very, very, very grateful to the two partners who have made this possible: The Hindu Car-Free Sundays and Chennai Metro.

At both places, The Counterpoint had four elements.

First, we brought back our speaking Mannequins--they stand mute, but when we get started sharing, they start to speak! Once more, we sourced our Mannequin from Tranz Mannequins, and Sundari Silks helped drape her in a saree.

Second, we placed the Sisterhood Chits basket.

Then came our Ribbon Tree, which is now a permanent installation at our office and also travels wherever we go.

Finally, we designed a Photo-prop that people could be photographed in front of, as an endorsement of its simple message, "End the silence! End the violence!" which it bears in English and Tamil.

At both locations, The Counterpoint had a steady stream of visitors and while we ended the day completely exhausted, we also felt a great deal of satisfaction at how many people we reached. The quality of the outreach also surpassed our expectations, in terms of the number of thoughtful conversations we had.

The Counterpoint at Elliot's Beach in partnership with The Hindu Car-Free Sundays, 6-9 a.m.:



The Counterpoint at Vadapalani Metro Station in partnership with Chennai Metro, 5-8 p.m.

We are grateful to Nora Alexy, Prithvi and Zainab Ummer Farook who performed at The Counterpoint at Vadapalani Station. 

A special word of thanks to Sulakshana and Anu who made a special trip to the Metro Station just to be a part of The Counterpoint! 

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