Call for Videos

It’s time to raise your voice – and it’s not difficult! All you need to do is send us a video. Here’s how:
Step 1: Pick up your mobile phone and shoot a video of yourself talking about violence against women
Step 2: Take the oath: “I am <YourName> and I say NO! to violence against women”
Step 3: Remember to keep the entire thing under 60 seconds
Step 4: Send it via WeTransfer or Dropbox to along with the text of your message, your name and contact details
Step 5: Wait for your video to be uploaded on our YouTube channel and inspire other men to do the same. 


Who can submit a video?
This is open to all MEN over 18 years of age who want to say an emphatic NO to violence against women.

What should I do?
Record a video (60 seconds or less) of yourself talking about violence against women and why you think it is important to end it. End the video by stating your name and saying the tagline, ‘I say no to violence against women’. Eg: I’m Vetre and I say NO to violence against women. Save your video on Dropbox and send us a link. Alternately, send the video to us via

What am I saying NO to?
Any form of Gender violence - physical, mental, sexual, emotional, economic, verbal. This includes domestic violence, street sexual harassment, rape, marital rape, workplace sexual harassment, female foeticide or infanticide, acid attacks, public humiliation, dowry-related violence, violence in cyber-space and honour killings, among others.

Can I submit videos of any length?
We are specifically looking for videos that are not more than a minute long.

Can I submit a video in any language?

Is this a competition?
No, it isn’t. There are no prizes, no winners. All videos that meet the basic criteria will be featured on Prajnya’s YouTube Channel.