Thursday, November 6, 2008

A little something on sexual harassment

A certain set of individuals tend to be vulnerable and helpless, either by nature or due to deep rooted customs, practices and/or codes of life. A woman is definitely one of them. It is widely accepted that women are disadvantaged in one significant aspect- they are defenseless both physically and mentally. This vulnerability has led to some of the worst cases of inhumane treatment meted out to women in the name of... Call it sexual exploitation or gender based violence.

The global business of “human goods” and human trade is flourishing and is incomparable to that of the illicit trade of drugs and weapons. Millions of women around the world have fallen prey to this practice of being taken from these conflict zones to “more-developed” nations, in order to be victims of forced labor, prostitution and all other forms of hidden and conspicuous exploitations.

Research and statistics disclose shocking findings and more chilling is the conclusion to be drawn from them that a large part of humanity is being drawn into a moral space devoid of the most basic human values, one in which women are raped, butchered, orphaned and maimed and are sometimes forced to become perpetrators themselves. This makes it crucial to address the question of gender –based violence in current day situations/scenario.

International humanitarian law’s limited focus upon the “biological” difference of women and the treatment of sexual violence specifically in terms relating to chastity, modesty, sexual and reproductive aspects of their lives alone has obviously ignored the more complex socio-economic and political role of the female.

In order to inculcate greater sensitivity to issues of gender , humane values and a culture of fairness and equality it is but relevant that theorists, practitioners,academics,students and all that participants of a dynamic and proactive civil societies work together in close consonance to find long term solutions.

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