Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day Four: An Evening of Verse

Full Circle outdid themselves in co-hosting "Not Silence, but Verse," a poetry reading that brought together Susan Hawthorne, Sivakami Velliangiri and Kutti Revathi.

Different styles, different identities, different idioms but through all these, ran the common thread of experiencing life as a woman in patriarchal settings, and as Revathi put it, searching for a language and spaces that are not already defined and circumscribed by men.

Our special thanks to Srilata K., who read at last year's campaign and has in the last year become one of our favourite people and really, even if she doesn't quite realise it, part of the Prajnya team! She conceptualised the reading, identified and invited the poets, planned and scripted the programme, so that it was both a stand-alone for the public and a natural sequel to the Creative Writing Workshop she ran all afternoon before the reading. Srilata, you're a star!

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