Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day Two: Reporters' Roundtable on Gender Violence and the News Media

About a dozen experienced and concerned journalists congregated for the Reporters' Roundtable on Gender Violence and the Media.

In her keynote address, eminent journalist and author Ammu Joseph flagged some problematic aspects of reportage on gender violence, from over-reliance on police sources to the presentation of facts to even the classification of gender violence solely as a 'crime beat' issue.

The journalists' responses reflected on their experiences day-to-day in the newsroom and in the competitive market environment in which newspapers compete not just with each other but with the electronic media. They rued their daily compromises, and in the course of the conversation, sought to arrive at a set of commonly accepted practices.

The discussion also went to follow-up. Prajnya committed to creating resources for Chennai journalists on this issue. These will include a roster of experts and bringing existing guidelines together in one place. On their part, the journalists agreed it would be useful to bring more editors into this conversation.

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  1. it says a lot about the success of a programme, when participants want follow-up sessions! Congrats!