Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Burst Media Bubbles: Women and Media

Media is widely known to represent and reinforce a mainstream ideology of a contemporary culture. While the portrayal of women in media has attained considerable changes over the years, one has to analyse as to how much the media has accommodated the changing roles of today’s modern woman.

Sex role stereotyping is still seen in various forms of media. Unrealistic representations of women are even more common in fashion magazines where impossibly thin girls are posed in ways that often show off how skinny they are. This creates an impression on many young women and girls that it is important for them to look like a model and thus begins an unhealthy obsession with weight loss. This video explores the media portrayals of women and its effects.

Women’s fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue impose an unnatural model of beauty and many women fall for it. Women looking at these bodies feel less confident of their own bodies and are likely to develop issues like anorexia or bulimia.

Just as a man’s role is stereotyped as a patriarchal one, a modern woman’s role is confined to external beauty and sexuality. It is important to note the effects these portrayals have on people and while this video is by no means a representative of the population, it proves that they do affect people's views on what women should be like.

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