Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 7: A workshop on Public Health

It was an early day on Day 7, as the team went all the way to Avadi for a workshop in Omayal Achi College of Nursing on "Public Health and Gender Violence", attended by around 40 budding nurses from the III B.Sc Nursing Class.

The two charming ladies, Dr.Prasanna and Nancy from PCVC and Tulir respectively, were the facilitators , and were superb with their presentations, films and anecdotes.

What was established?
  • Injuries/ health complications arising out of gender violence is a genuine public health concern.
  • Health care officials like doctors and nurses have a huge role to play during the process of treatment to a victim of gender violence.
  • Nurses are the first point of contact in the case of a medical emergency, and awareness of gender violence, can go a long way in facilitating treatment, and later, recovery.

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