Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Voices on violence -- Part II

As part of this year's campaign, the video project, Chennai Men say NO to Violence against Women, gathered 16 prominent men in the city who gave their thoughts on why they say NO to violence against women. These videos were not scripted and the men expressed their own personal opinions.

Here's a collection of their voices:
".....every man somewhere embedded in his head has a violent streak because he does believe he is more powerful of the two sexes......" -- T.M. Krishna, Carnatic musician

"....(children) learn from their parents and families more then they learn from books and school. If we start having violence at home, unfortunately that is the thing they start learning as well...." -- Kiruba Shankar, CEO of BusinessBlogging

"Women should be empowered. Violence against them would decrease if they were empowered...I was addressing a group of rotarians at a rotary meeting once and I was extremely surprised to find out when I asked the question, 'Do you what or who determines the sex of the child?', and only two out of a group of sixty seemed to know....." -- P.C. Ramakrishna, theatre personality

"It is ironic that I am even having to discuss an issue of violence against women in my country, a country that was founded and built upon the concept of non-violence.." -- Karthik Kumar, actor

"....men have to come out of the mind-set. First of all, they have to treat woman as human. Do not think of them as mother or sister, but at least think like they are your friends..." -- Arasu Dennis, prominent restobar manager

"...I think they should set an example to also implicate that kind of law where even some men who doesn't like to treat women equally are forced to treat them equally..." -- Sadhagopan Ramesh, cricketer

"...they say a country is as good as we treat our women and I am ashamed to say that we seem to be lagging far behind on that everyday, every moment..." -- Anil Srinivasan, pianist

"...there is no wonder that 45 percent of the women in our country are anemic and underweight. Every fourth child born in this country is underweight...." -- Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, member of Parliment (Rajya Sabha)

"....I think our culture has a big role in conditioning us and in shaping how we view each other but equally we have a big role in shaping our culture..." -- Nityanand Jayaraman, writer & social activist

"...the fact that it is a global phenomenon, happens across the world, puts men as part of mankind to great shame...." -- Venky Rajgopal, Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd

"....if you have beat women, be ashamed, be distressed. Don't do this mistake any more...." -- Peer Mohamed, Special Correspondent, Puthiya Thalaimurai

"...don't think of such shameful things as heroism....." -- RJ Dheena

"...any man who indulges in violence at any point of time against his wife or anyone else, particularly of the opposite sex, has a problem with his own sense of identity...." -- P.W.C. Davidar, I.A.S

".....So that the children are not hungry, can wear nice dress and eat good food, with difficulty, they (women) go out and work. when they come back, in different forms, they are forced to face difficulties on the bus...." -- E. Sarathbabu, CEO Food King

"....I think chivalry boils down to every man taking a vow on valentine's day or some other occasion that they will not take a rupee as dowry, that they will finance and in fact defray the cost of the entire wedding should you insist on having a reception....." -- Sanjay Pinto, advocate & columnist

"....Its not new. Its been there for a while. It is largely related to this whole notion of purity and chastity that we have which we apply only to women....." -- Dr. Vijay Nagaswami, psychiatrist

To watch the individual videos, log on to www.youtube.com/gritprajnya

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