Monday, December 10, 2012

Voices on violence -- Part I

Over 16 days, through a variety of formats, gender violence was discussed resulting in a range of opinions and thoughts.

Here's a collection:
-- Someone witnesses a violence and as a witness, where does our responsibility begin and end?
-- Internet is dangerous because it damages your brain (from a school student)
-- Many of our laws are paper tigers. Eventually it boils down to us
-- Many believe that violence is just a part of marriage... So how many of you here are married?
-- If a law comes, you must become aware. The law will not come to your door
-- How long to adjust?
-- What are we doing to stop violence?
-- It would be common sense if we can learn from other (countries') experiments in law
-- Do we want the violence to stop or do we want to prosecute the perpetrator?
-- We must go so far but for whatever reason, they refuse our help, we must not sit in judgement
-- Violence could be a sign of underlying problems in the relationship
-- Violence can take you by surprise, it can happen when you don't expect. It can be father, uncle, or some relative
-- If we are to bring down the crime rate against women, cases need to be time bound and there needs to be surety of punishment
-- As girls grow older, their public space shrinks. Whereas, for boys, their spaces expands... but for older women, their spaces increase again after a certain age
-- Well if a good looking guy stares at me, I might be flattered. But a not so cute guy, hmmm (in response to the question, "is staring harassment?")
-- 'Heroism" as a concept is very confusing for the common man. It makes them practice violence based on some out-dated values and self-righteous ego. Like how Romance is unrealistically portrayed in main-stream cinema, so is Violence
-- One of the requisites for making a workplace more comfortable is to have a powerful anti-sexual harassment policy that has teeth
-- Don't blame women to let men go scot-free
-- Your (sexual harassment) policy does not instill confidence, it's how you handle it
-- A lot of girls are not even aware of what violence is
-- We live in a society where women are treated as goddess at one end and with violence on the other
-- The root of violence is fear. If the society can become fearless, if each individual knew what it felt like not to feel fear and feel safe and protected, we have cracked it

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