Tuesday, November 26, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 2, twin focus on media and health

@prajnya: Legal and Press Council guidelines on reporting sexual violence: http://bit.ly/1dsVhAu See also: http://bit.ly/8EHU3T #nosgbv

How to write good reports on SGBV: Guidelines drafted by Chennai reporters http://bit.ly/TN5hdp . Also see, http://bit.ly/1dsVR1a #nosgbv

One WSH case involving journalists has our attention. Here's another :http://bit.ly/1dsWh7x But many more unreported, ignored.#nosgbv

Tahrir Square, 2011, placed spotlight on sexual violence risks faced by women journalists. Starting w: http://abcn.ws/jrSjIj #nosgbv

On women reporting conflict: http://bit.ly/1dsXBav And a survey on dangers faced by women journos: http://bit.ly/1dsXDzh #nosgbv

This safety guide for women journalists: http://bit.ly/1dsXJa5 Works for others too, but is this a solution? #nosgbv

FYI: Women in media networks: @womenandmedia, @NWMIIndia. Others? Also, the Global Media Monitoring Project: http://bit.ly/9raTAD #nosgbv

@prajnya: The impact of gender violence on women’s health by @almostbutnotyethttp://bit.ly/1dsYZdd #nosgbv

WHO report on VAW health impact found 1/3 women experience violence at the hands of their intimate partner. http://bit.ly/1dsZt3e #nosgbv

Why we reach out to nurses and nursing students in our work: http://bit.ly/1dsZJPH #nosgbv

Privacy, confidentiality, patience, not being judgmental, no pressure: good clinical responses. Page 9 of http://bit.ly/1dt0b0n #nosgbv

The health care impact of domestic violence: http://bit.ly/1dt0oRh #nosgbv

Health care costs of VAW calculated for the US: http://bit.ly/1dt0IPV #nosgbv

NFHS-3 (2005-6) on Spousal Violence in India: Chapter 10, pages 95-110, http://bit.ly/1dt10pP#nosgbv

VAW an obstacle to achieving the Millennium Development Goals; the MDGs will help eliminate VAW: http://bit.ly/1dt1bBF #nosgbv

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