Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 1: Kicking off the campaign with 16 tweets a day

25 Nov We will be posting 16 info-tweets everyday on 16 topics related to sexual and gender-based violence, with the hashtag
Today is International Day for Elimination of All Forms of Violence against Women, observed since 1999. #nosgbv

Most common violence is physical violence by an intimate partner—battery, coercive sex or abuse. #nosgbv

Gender-based violence is violence directed at a person because of their gender and reflects existing gender inequalities. #nosgbv

“What do we mean by gender violence?” #nosgbv

Some useful definitions of key terms used in discussing sexual and gender-based violence. #nosgbv

Why the 16 Days of Activism to end VAW? #nosgbv

Why we join in the 16 Days of Activism: Because it’s time to say NO to violence. From 2009 @NewIndianExpress: #nosgbv

Violence has always been a central concern of Indian women’s movement (IWM): history book recos follow.#nosgbv

#nosgbv History of Doing , Fields of Protest , Our Pictures, Our Words .

The UN appointed a Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women in 1994. SR’s reports are a great resource: #nosgbv

The 16 Days of Activism from Nov 25-Dec 10, Human Rights Day say, "Sexual & gender-based violence (SGBV) violates human rights." #nosgbv

Gender violence is an infringement of human rights. From 2009 @NewIndianExpress: #nosgbv

Start online research here on gender violence: Compiles reports, studies and some academic writing. #nosgbv

Gender violence as insecurity, by @almostbutnotyet #nosgbv

Have you seen our Gender Violence in India reports?

One in three women experiences abuse in her lifetime, we hear… but are gender violence stats reliable? #nosgbv

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