Friday, November 29, 2013

16 Tweets 16 Days: Day 5, Women Human Rights Defenders Day

29 Nov Today is International Women Human Rights Defenders' Day. Why they matter:

Claiming Rights, Claiming Justice: A Guidebook on Women Human Rights Defenders. #nosgbv

International Coalition on Women Human Rights Defenders honoured 16 women defenders of human rights, 2009: #nosgbv

Pandita Ramabai who worked to help widows rebuild their lives & founded Mukti Sadan. #nosgbv

Sr. Subbalakshmi worked for women's education, esp. widows & ending child marriage. #nosgbv

Afghan women's organizations which fought for women through the hardest years. #nosgbv

Shireen Huq writes about Naripokkho (Bangladesh) (excerpt) #nosgbv

Sunila Abeysekera—activist for women’s rights, civil rights, freedom of expression, peace. #nosgbv

Indian feminists recall moments in women’s mvmt history: And posters on violence: #nosgbv

Seminar issue on challenges before Indian women’s mvmt: . And this by Samita Sen: #nosgbv

An India-wide listing of resources for women by India Together: . And this one: #nosgbv

North East Network working since '95 on women’s rights, livelihoods, conflict & VAW #nosgbv

SNEHA Mumbai ( ) runs a crisis line. Akshara has really good resource material here: #nosgbv

Delhi helplines listed by Jagori: #nosgbv Also, listing of Delhi orgs working on VAW: 

Swayam, Kolkata lists a helpline number: West Bengal resources for women & helplines: #nosgbv

Call for Help, our annually updated listing of Chennai helplines: Women Taking Action, #nosgbv

UN SpRapporteur on Human Rights Defenders on women defenders: ? #nosgbv

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