Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 3: Domestic Violence Sensitisation for Beauticians

The Prajnya team met a group of young women from across the city, who work with Trends in Vogue. Despite an early morning session, most of the beauticians were on time -- some even came early and waited patiently for the workshop to begin. They listened intently, were shy to begin with, but by the time we reached the Q&A session, we were not just surprised, but very encouraged by the responses.

Domestic Violence is an issue that we have all heard of, seen or perhaps even experienced. So what are the things you must keep in mind? "When someone tells you they’re being abused, always listen, and don't judge," says Dr Swarna Rajagopalan as she addresses the beauticians at the workshop.

Over at our Blog Symposium Unspeakable Inequalities, Kalpana Visanath writes about Building Safer Cities for Women. She says:

Creating safety involves much more than just responding to violence. It is important to create the conditions by which women are able to move about safely and without fear of violence or assault. Fear often plays a key role in women’s experience and access to the city. Therefore in order to create greater levels of safety and comfort, both actual violence and the fear of violence need to be addressed. Women’s safety  in the city tends to come to the forefront when there is a particularly horrific and extreme case such as the gang rape in Delhi in December 2012 or the case of molestation in Guwahati or the Shakti mills case. The media highlighting of these in the past few years has  also played a role in this.

Prajnya is also putting out resources on Gender Violence on Twitter. Join us @Prajnya

And do take a look at 'Call for Help' for a listing of helplines in Chennai.

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