Thursday, December 5, 2013

16 Days 16 Tweets: Day 11, Gender and Disability

Overview and links to resources on gender and disability. Also see: #nosgbv

India early signatory of Convention on Rights of Persons w Disabilities, 2006. PPT: #nosgbv

The gendered experience of disability: #nosgbv

WomenWatch resource page on women and disability. #nosgbv

@CREA_CREAWORLD & @povmumbai created this resource on the premise that disabled women are sexual beings too. #nosgbv

Women with disabilities are vulnerable to many kinds of violence: #nosgbv

Violence faced by women w disabilities: #nosgbv

A 2012 UN study on VAW and disability: #nosgbv

Female, disabled, battered: violence by partners and caregivers: #nosgbv

Disabled women live with violence perpetrated by institutions “for their own good.” #nosgbv

A Mumbai-based empirical study on violence against women with disability:

“hate crimes, sexual violence & abuse... more ...when ...LGBT & disabled.” ( ) Not much other info. Why? #nosgbv

@TheSVRI’s resource page on Sexual Violence against People with Disabilities : #nosgbv

@InfoChange articles on violence agst women w disabilities: #nosgbv

Violence agst women w developmental & other disabilities, impact, policy: US context, but useful. #nosgbv

Has the Indian women’s movement paid enough attention to women with disabilities? #nosgbv

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