Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Not really a 'goodbye'!

On the second day of the campaign this year, I reached the venue for a journalists' meet, and slowly more and more people walked in. The conversation with Ammu Joseph was something I was looking forward to; and the minute that conversation started, I was introduced to a whole world of learning. This was where journalists from competing publications got together to discuss an issue that affects us all.

From then, the conversations were different at each event, and yet very much the same at the core.

For me, as Media Associate for the 2013 campaign, this is what I take back.

The chance to contribute to making this campaign happen, along with the chance to be a part of everything Prajnya did in these 16 days, more as a silent observer than anything else, has been an amazing opportunity.

Thank you, Swarna mam, for this. And Nithila, who has been an awesome Campaign Co-ordinator. Thanks are also due to Anupama, whom I first contacted rather blindly, starting off this amazing journey :) A big thank you to all the volunteers -- old and new -- who infused fresh energy into the campaign everytime we felt like we were running out of steam.

This is a goodbye -- not to Prajnya, but to 2013. Looking forward to a big 2014 with the team!

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