Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Until we meet again...

Every campaign year, I get to write this last post. And as I do, I remember all the high points and low points, the excitement and anticipation and stress and disappointment, that have gone into that year's campaign. And with each year, I know--perhaps I alone now know--how we started, and how much easier this has become for us to do with all the friends and supporters we have added to our community, and how much more challenging we make it for ourselves by dreaming up new formats and trying to reach new audiences. Each year, I think, we've done this with less of everything--resources, people, friends, experience--and so it shouldn't be so hard. And each year, we manage to push the boundaries within ourselves, raise the bar, and kill ourselves (or almost) with exhaustion.

This must be a talent to celebrate. And I am grateful for it.

As I am for all the wonderful people who join and enrich our community each year, mostly never to leave again.

This year, I've worked with what has felt like the 'Dream Team' for a campaign like this--experienced journalists, unafraid to write and meet people, willing to work extremely hard and without egos to manage. Nithila and Ragamalika, you brought a great deal to this campaign and have left your impress upon it. We are happy you're not leaving Prajnya; there's so much more to do of this work. The real campaign never ends.

To all of you who have visited this revived and restored blog (thanks, Raga, for this especially!), stick around. We're going now, but will be back before you know it. I'll see you then! 

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