Monday, December 8, 2014

Meet Our GEMS: Nanditha Prabhu

A Safer Future For Our Children
by Meera Srikant

Having been initiated into the realm of performing arts at a very tender age, Nanditha,  daughter of Kalaratna Kalamandalam Sugandhi, completed PG Diploma in Arts Management from the Madras Craft Foundation Institute of Arts Management. Recipient of senior scholarship and junior fellowship in Mohiniyattam from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, she is a founding partner of "Mythri": centre for arts”, which caters to the overall development of children through fine arts. She is a TEDx speaker. At present she is pursuing her research at Sastra University, Thanjavur in dance under the guidance of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyum. She shares with Prajnya the need to create awareness a safe society for children.

Why is this issue important to you?

To create a safe, peaceful community and to lead a harmonious life is a right of every individual. Initiatives such as these inspire responsible citizens to think and do their part in building such communities.

What is it you feel most strongly about?

I mainly work with children and I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of adults to provide a safe haven for them to bloom fully.  A necessity to boost the self-esteem among youngsters today, I think is the need of the hour.

Tell us about your activity and what you hope to do with it.

I along with my partner Martha run a centre for arts, “Mythri”.  The centre offers various classes in dance, music, painting and martial arts. As part of the 16 days campaign activity we are trying the kindle in the kids thoughts of various powers hidden in each of us, through the medium of arts.
  • The power to be oneself
  • The power to choose
  • The power to make a difference
  • The power to help others
  • The power to make a better world

Three things you would suggest to keep these individual actions going?

A small act can make a big difference in the long run, so be part of a small act. Keep doing what you believe in, as the process is more important than the end result. In the case of our centre Mythri, I feel it’s our responsibility to inspire the young minds who are ready to be moulded. Our actions will go on with each class, each interaction, each workshop, each new dance, music, painting.

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