Monday, December 8, 2014

Powering Through Change: The Mythri Journey

This is a campaign where our emphasis has been on processes over events. The children at the Mythri Centre for Arts along with our GEM Nanditha Prabhu, have been working hard to understand and articulate what inclusiveness, equality, safety and change mean to them all through this campaign. 

The exploration of these themes was through the idea that each of us has many powers. The 5 powers we chose to concentrate on were:
  • To be oneself
  • To exercise choice
  • To make a difference
  • To help others
  • To imagine (and turn into reality) a better world

We decided collectively that it was not the  performance at the end that was the goal. It was more important for us to document the process and be present when these questions were being raised and talked abut. It has been a process of discovery for everyone involved.

We were blown away by the enthusiasm with which the children engaged with the topic and made it their own. Even when offered a ready-made script they chose to work on their own interpretations and ideas. Here are some pictures from the various rehearsals, discussion groups and practice sessions that the kids initiated.

A session on Personal Safety by Ms.Geetha

Art Work on Making a Difference by the Mythri Kids

A Message From Nanditha

Mythri is happy to be part of this campaign, and I am sure that this campaign will put a seed of change in many young hearts. I can already see kids showing lots of energy. Even before the campaign dates we tried to introduce the kids to this topic of recognizing the power within. Some of the older kids themselves have come up with ideas.Just wanted to share with you what happened at Mythri during our last session. One child read out the poem "Still I rise" and did some research on Maya Angelou. Kids were just given the topic of all the 5 powers and they themselves did a dramatic presentation. It was very nice, as they did it without any help.We have asked them to also write on this... poems or articles so that it can get them thinking. I felt it was a better way than we telling them what to do. We are also keeping a painting drawing session on 29th Nov on"the power to make this world a better place". Will update on that too. I feel every small act can take us one step closer to our vision :)

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