Monday, November 21, 2016

2016, year 7, cycle 3... who would have thought?!

We open up Campaign Chronicle later than usual this year, and perhaps this is in some measure a reflection of how routine the campaign season now feels. We kind of know how this goes, how to pace ourselves and what we can manage in a given year... but for me, the marvel is that we have now done this six times and that we are still around! More than anyone else, I remember what the first year was like. I remember the year before the first year. This is just incredible to me!

This year's campaign team is small--Ragamalika Karthikeyan who is the Programme Officer of our Gender Violence Research and Information Taskforce (also created without any expectation from the future!) and Santha, our administrator and me, and volunteers who will be there at specific points. The large family wedding atmosphere of old campaigns now seems history--and maybe even, nostalgic fiction. We have, for the first time, no seasonal Campaign staffer.

But everything changes, and so much has changed even in the context of this campaign. When we started, the campaign was a way of saying, "Hi, we'd like you to recognise that gender-based violence is pervasive," and now we are able to talk about bystander interventions much more quickly in each interaction. This is not because of anything we've done but events we've all witnessed in the last eight years.

Much has changed, much remains to be done--and together, with your support, we will do whatever it takes to change our willingness to "adjust to" and ignore sexual and gender-based violence in every sphere.

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