Sunday, December 31, 2017

Another year done!

This must have been our most confident campaign yet, a function perhaps of the ten year review earlier in 2017 which reminded us of things we had managed to do in far less amenable circumstances. But the ease also came from the enthusiastic energy of our Campaign Associate, Malavika Ravi, who managed the logistics of the campaign with far less stress than we have felt in years gone by. Or at least, we are grateful that is the impression with which she left us. She has brought great enthusiasm and warmth to this year's campaign and we look forward to her hanging out with us for some years to come!

Thanks also to Santha and Sudaroli whose quiet back-room support and self-effacing attention to detail took a great deal of the load off the Campaign Associate's shoulders.

Thanks to our wonderful partners and the participants of our programmes. We have made many promises and we will now turn our attention to keeping them.

2018 is the last year of the third cycle of our 16 Days Campaign. The run-up to 2017 was quite taxing although the fortnight itself was relatively chilled out. We will take a call on the shape and substance of the 2018 outing much later this year, and it will depend on how vividly we remember the pain. In any event, we will see you then!

Eight campaigns done... and here's looking forward to obsolescence, as always!

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