Saturday, December 30, 2017

Farewell - for 2017!

2018 is fast approaching and the campaign passed by in a flash; and we have done so much writing and documentation that a closing post seems like a daunting task. However, since we are allowed a little bit of reflection on the blog, here are some thoughts..

There were so many smaller victories of the campaign that got overlooked by the bigger ones, but that made the impact so much more powerful, and the memory so much more special. On the day of one of our biggest events, the consultation on Women & Work, we were greeted with heavy rainfall. Three of us got there early and hoped with all our hearts that at least half of the invited participants would turn up-but everyone did, despite the rain. The flash mob originated as an open call and a public event, but turned into a performance whose practise was conducted privately by a closed group-and it turned out much better and well organised than it was originally. Swarna ma'am was willing to speak to an audience of complete strangers, of whom we had no idea as to what ideologies they subscribed to; and they were so interested in her talk, we ran out of brochures to give out: the first time in the campaign that this had happened.

Now that it is the end of the year, Swarna ma'am released a poster on the good things that had happened at Prajnya over the year, and I was so happy that a good portion of this included campaign events. In all the organizations that I've worked with, Prajnya and the campaign is perhaps the only one where I don't feel like I'm leaving at all; simply moving ahead with other things, but keeping a part of myself with it. During the middle of the campaign, Sweta said something around the lines of, "This is my contribution to the campaign this year", and something about the way she said it made me feel heartened: that I too would be able to say this, year after year; to be able to contribute towards the campaign and to watch Prajnya grow even more, in leaps and bounds.



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