Monday, December 31, 2018

The last post

Every single time, that last post is so hard to write. Campaign season is such a special time at Prajnya. It is the busiest, most stressful and most strenuous time, fraught almost always with financial anxiety. But as we close the ninth campaign, the third campaign of the third campaign cycle, we can say we have also benefited from doing this for so many years. We now have wonderful, reliable partners, and people we can really count on. And this is also the time the extended team comes home to work together, when we laugh the most and spend the most time together. Sort of like a family wedding that takes place every year.

We are also lucky every time in the Campaign Coordinator we get. Nafeesa was our top choice this year and we more or less offered her a job within fifteen minutes of her walking into the interview. She has only been with us 10 weeks, but has become a part of the team as if she has been there for ten years.

Meticulous and quick, she willingly and patiently read all our blogposts and reports, replicating much of the memory she says I have, and readily bringing our past experiences to work for this campaign. She has made this one of the easiest campaigns we have done, with flawless first drafts, endless lists and patient phone calls.

And Sudaroli and Santha have supported her to the fullest extent. Nafeesa rightly also points to our stalwarts--Nandhini, Sweta, Michelle and Shakthi, who have answered questions, brainstormed, shown up and done whatever we needed.

Nine years, and while planning and executing the campaign gets easier, fundraising is getting harder for us. Around us, everyone else is organizing 16 days of activism. We have to ask whether it is worth continuing with this exercise and whether we are effective in a way that is so unique as to continuing this. Questions like this buzzed through the conversations in the campaign and remain unresolved.

2019 is a campaign sabbatical year so we get a year off from campaign activities, a break that allows us to evaluate our effectiveness and utility. We may be back in 2020, we may not. Until then, or even then, we leave you with an archive of all our work over nine campaigns. We hope you find this interesting and useful.

Goodbye from the
2018 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign
against Gender Violence

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